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Cleansing of blood

Center of Extracorporal hemocorrection

specializes in unique medical technologies,
allowing to be successful on a wide range of diseases!

In the treatment of diseases we apply: plasmapheresis; incubation of blood cells using modifiers, technologies of the direct transport of medicines, technologies extracorporal antibacterial therapy and extracorporal immunopharmatherapy; selective and Semiselective technologies of removal from an organism of pathological substances - immunosorbtion, cryoplasmasorbtion, cryomodification of autoplasma, thermoplasmasorbtion, plasmasorbtion; methods of wave processing of blood - a laser irradiation of blood, ultra-violet irradiation of blood; electrochemical detoxication and many other effective methods of treatment.

Our technologies of treatment are especially effective for diseases resistant to usual medicamentous therapy

Record on consultation:
phone: +7 (499) 324-97-21 - from 900 till 1700

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