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Cleansing of blood

Main areas of work

In the daily work we are sing or employing the following principles:
  1. Integrated principle in approaches to the treatment
An approach to an organism as to a complex, and closely interconnected system – not treatment of a separate organ most shown in pathological process, but of the whole organism.
  1. Objectivity in an estimation of an course or direction of treatment
Utmost possible objective estimate of an direction or course of medical help for the patient and an efficient and practical treatment plan.
For this purpose the following activities are conducted:
If we come to the conclusion that other kinds of medical help which are not provided in our center are necessary for you - we guarantee, that we shall find an appropriate medical establishment and arrange your hospitalization, and during the treatment conducted there we shall carefully supervise the quality of the given medical aid.
  1. Awareness of the patient
Informing the patient of the coordinated tasks of the treatment, expected results and possible complications of the planned treatment. Obligatory informing of the patient on the results of the examination after the conducted treatment.
  1. Preventive maintenance of a relapse of the disease
Every patient who contacts us asking for help will henceforth become an object of our steadfast attention. Not only for the period of the initial course of treatment but also for subsequent periods. For this purpose we commit to the following:

Record on consultation:
phone: +7 (499) 324-97-21 - from 900 till 1700

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