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Cleansing of blood

Autoimmune diseases

The programs of therapy developed in our Center with use of extracorporal hemocorrection technologies, enable to improve considerably results of treatment of autoimmune diseases.
At such diseases, as: rheumatoid arthritis, purpura rheumatica (Schonlein-Henoch disease), autoimmune thyroiditis, glomerulonephritis, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus - is possible to achieve proof and long remission more than in 90% of cases.
It is reached due to:
  • the contemporary methods of diagnostics, which make it possible to approach the selection of the tactics of treatment from the fundamentally new positions
  • of the application of methods of Extracorporeal Immunocorrection, which make it possible to change the activity of immune system in the desired direction, without reducing the potential of the immunological protection of organism as a whole
  • of the methods of Extracorporeal Pharmacotherapy, that give the possibility to deliver medicines directly into the center of pathologic process, and to these to maximally decrease the manifestation of the negative side effects of the utilized preparations to the organism of the patient

  • The clinical laboratory signs of the activity of immune inflammatory process (high level of the specific of antibody and circulating immune complexes)

  • Intolerance or the ineffectiveness of drug therapy, dependence on the hormones
  • The suppression of the activity of process

  • The correction of immune homeostasis

  • Reaching and the prolongation of the period of remission

  • A decrease or the cancellation of the supporting hormonal therapy
  • The articulate manifestations of the metabolic and endocrine diseases
    • Gout, pseudo-gout
    • Diabetes mellitus
    • Hemochromatosis
    • Hyperthyrosis, etc.
  • The expressed articulate syndrome

  • The high level of pathologic factors (uric acid, pyrophosphate of calcium and others.)

  • The progression of pathologic process, in spite of the conducted therapy
  • Stopping articulate syndrome, fever

  • A decrease in the level of pathologic factors

  • The suppression of the activity of basic pathologic process

  • The decrease of the doses of the utilized preparations

The applications of technologies of extracorporeal hemocorrection
with the treatment of the autoimmune diseases

The diseases of immune system
Human organism can be considered as the well organized association of cells - «cellular state». This state has boundaries (the skin), transport main (system of vessels), capital (the brain), industrial centers on processing of raw material (organs of digestion) and so forth each citizen of this state (cell) works and are fulfilled the specific functions. The systems of the cells, which fulfill similar functions, are united in the «organizations», which ensure the normal peaceful life of organism. This analogy it is possible to carry out even further.
One of the very important cellular «organizations» is the immune system of organism. This of system fulfills the functions of power ministries (reconnaissance, counter espionage, army, boundary and internal troops). It is intended for the protection of «state» from the external and internal enemies. Such enemies are microorganisms, cancerous cells, foreign proteins and their own defective molecules, which cease to carry out publicly useful work.
Unfortunately, the disturbers of law can be encountered, also, among the colleagues of the power ministries, which, in spite of the program placed in them, begin to fight with their own normally functioning cloths. This occurs as a result of interference of immune system. Some, normally functioning cells of organism, begin to recognize, as «strangers» and immune system begins war with these cells. In particular immune system begins to synthesize special structures - the antibodies, which damage these cells and cloths of them consisting. In this case natural order is disrupted, and disturbances in the work of many systems begin. Is developed the autoimmune process, which is concluded with severe illness. Schematically the development of this pathologic process is represented in figure 1.
Diagram of the development of the process of autoimmune inflammation
Fig. 1. Diagram of the development of the process of autoimmune inflammation IS - immune system; RBC, WBC - cell of the blood (erythrocytes, leukocytes), CIC - circulating immune complexes.

The diseases, which are developed by this mechanism, are very numerous. Some of these illnesses are sufficiently extended and it is well known: rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, glomerulonephritis, autoimmune thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis, system lupus erythematosis, diabetes mellitus. Others are encountered more rarely: scleroderma, anti-phospholipid syndrome, Goodpasture's syndrome, Wegener's granulomatosis, etc.
Such illnesses bear chronic nature. With many of them only effective medicines are antipyretic, hormonal (prednisolone and its analogs) and cytostatic (cyclophosphamide and other.) preparations. Unfortunately, many of these preparations adapt at the large doses and/or sufficiently long time, sometimes - entire life. This, as a rule, leads to the development of complications - obesity, hemophilia or thromboses, stomach ulcers, heavy bacterial and fungus infections, disturbances of the function of bone marrow and endocrine system - Fig. 2.
In contrast to the medicinal therapy, the programs of extracorporeal hemocorrection, developed and used by us for treating this group of diseases, make it possible effectively to act on all components of pathogenetic chain, without rendering in this case negative action on the organism of patient.
For the purpose of action on the initial manifestations of the autoimmune diseases by us are used the technologies of extracorporeal hemocorrection, which combine in themselves small volume plazmaferez with the incubation of cellular mass with the nonsteroid antipyretic preparations or with the corticosteroid hormones. However, in contrast to the usual methods of the introduction of hormones, this procedure allows with the higher clinical effect 5-8 times to reduce the course dose of preparation and to avoid the negative consequences of the application of the utilized preparations. At the end of the course of treatment to patients either completely abolish hormonal preparations or their supporting dosage decreases to the minimum.
Only methods of extracorporeal hemocorrection i give the possibility to tear pathogenetic chain at the level of its intermediate it is sectional. For this purpose we use the technology of cryo-modification autoplazmy, which makes it possible purposefully to remove from the blood flow those protein molecules of the immune system, which, disrupting law, begins to damage its own cells of organism - autoaggressive antibodies. To achieve this effect by other methods is considerably more difficult. Thus, after removing from the blood flow the already circulating antibodies, and after lowering to the minimum reproduction by their cells of immune system, we succeed themselves in stopping the process of the autoimmune damage of cloths (Fig. 3).
Drawback of traditional therapy of autoimmune diseases

Fig. 2. Drawback of traditional therapy of autoimmune diseases - the expressed immunosuppressive effect, a significant amount of complications.
Advantages of the Extracorporal hemocorrection in treatment of autoimmune diseases
Fig. 3. Advantages of the Extracorporal hemocorrection in treatment of autoimmune diseases (EH) - selective blockade of autoimmune processes without suppression of activity of immune system in it is whole, removal from a blood-groove of factors of pathogenicity - autoaggressive antibodies, the CIC, inflammation mediators.
Similar programs of methods of extracorporeal hemocorrection were used by us with the treatment more than of 10000 patients, who suffer autoimmune diseases. The obtained results showed that the effectiveness of extracorporeal hemocorrection considerably exceeds the effectiveness of usual drug therapy and is not accompanied by the development of characteristic complications and side effects.
With the treatment of such illnesses as rheumatoid arthritis, Schonlein-Henoch disease, autoimmune thyroiditis, glomerulonephritis, multiple sclerosis, system lupus erythematosis, scleroderma, neurodermatitis, eczema, autoimmune hepatitis, diabetes mellitus and many others, to us in 95% of cases it was possible to achieve for the remission of disease already after the first course of treatment. It is necessary to note that the duration of this course is usually 10 - 14 days, and the duration of remission obtained as a result of treatment reaches 10 - 12 months, continuing in some patients to 3 - 5 and more than years. With the usual therapy of these illnesses the course of treatment comprises as rule, not less than 3 weeks, but remission rarely exceeds half a year.
System lupus erythematosis
Very good results were obtained with the use of methods of extracorporeal hemocorrection in the treatment of system lupus erythematosis (SLE)..
Already 20-30 years ago the confirmed diagnosis «system lupus erythematosis» in the essence, doomed patient to the rapidly developed disablement, and through several years - death. The successes of medicine of recent decades made it possible to somewhat postpone so unfavorable a finale. The dynamics of the flow of system lupus erythematosis with the traditional drug therapy is illustrated in figure 4.
The dynamics of the flow of system lupus erythematosis with the traditional drug therapy
Fig. 4. dynamics of the flow of system lupus erythematosis with the traditional drug therapy.
1 - exacerbation of disease; 2 - period of remission; 3 - courses of traditional drug therapy.

The contemporary technologies of extracorporeal hemocorrection, developed in recent years, made it possible, in the essence, to complete revolution in the treatment of this illness. Now it is possible with the confidence to say that the diagnosis of system lupus erythematosis is not sentence to patient. Use of programs of extracorporeal hemocorrection in its treatment made possible to considerably improve forecast.
Unfortunately, patients with this illness more frequently turn themselves to us already in the sufficiently neglected stage of disease, after conducting of a number of unsuccessful it is course traditional drug therapy. Nevertheless, and in this case it is possible to stop pathologic process, to derive patient on the level of stable remission, and by the repeated preventive courses of extracorporeal hemocorrection with those conducted of times in 8 - 12 months to support at this level before the offensive of natural old age. The dynamics of the course of disease with the use of methods of extracorporeal hemocorrection is illustrated in figure 5.
Dynamics of the flow of system lupus erythematosis during the program application of methods of extracorporeal hemocorrection
Fig. 5. Dynamics of the flow of system lupus erythematosis during the program application of methods of extracorporeal hemocorrection.
4 - courses of extracorporeal hemocorrection.

With the treatment of other illnesses, in pathogenesis of which the processes of immune inflammation also participate, for example - psoriasis results those less impressing, nevertheless, considerably exceed the results of usual drug therapy. With the treatment of psoriasis we succeed themselves in dostich' clear positive clinical effect after the first course of extracorporeal hemocorrection in 75% of cases. Faster this speaks, that under the mask of this diagnosis hide themselves the sufficiently different by the mechanism pathologic processes, similar in their clinical manifestations. Truth the practice of last time showed that also in those 25% cases, when for us are not succeeded in dostich' remissions after the first course of extracorporeal hemocorrection, the subsequent courses considerably improve the state of patient.
It is necessary to note that in our clinic for treating the diseases of immune system successfully they adapt and other methods of extracorporeal hemocorrection, which are widespread in the USA, the countries of Europe and Japan. Good results were obtained with the treatment of such illnesses as myasthenia, Goodpasture's syndrome, Wegener's granulomatosis, Guillain-Barre syndrome and other polyradiculoneuritis, autoimmune hemolytic anemias, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, hemolytic-uremic syndrome, cryoglobulinaemia, anti-phospholipid syndrome. These illnesses are encountered somewhat thinner than bronchial asthma or diabetes. However, an absolute quantity of such patients is sufficiently great.

Record on consultation:
phone: +7 (499) 324-97-21 - from 900 till 1700

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