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Cleansing of blood

Application of methods of Extracorporeal hemocorrection in narcology

  • The high daily dose of narcotic

  • The heavy degree of physical dependence on narkotika (abstinence)

  • The expressed associated pathology (viral hepatites, pyoseptic complications, including infectious endocarditis)

  • The ineffectiveness of the traditional treatment of acute abstinence syndrome (with the high stability to the drugs)

  • Asthenovegetative syndrome with immunodepression in the rehabilitative period
  • Reduction in the daily dose of narcotic without the aggravation of abstinence

  • The explicit softening of the peak of abstinence

  • A reduction in the load on the liver, the more effective treatment of the pyoseptic complications of addiction

  • An increase in the sensitivity to the medicine

  • The rapid liquidation of asthenization and the activation of the factors of immunity
  • The continuous form of the use of alcohol

  • The phenomenon of hepatic failure

  • Asthenovegetative syndrome after prolonged hard drinking (more than a month)

  • Immunodepression

  • Alcoholic polyneuropathy
  • The interruption of the systematic use of alcohol without the gross exchange disturbances

  • An improvement in the exponential function of the liver

  • The rapid normalization of general health

  • The rapid normalization of the factors of immunity

  • The effective regress of the neurologic disturbances

The methods of extracorporeal hemocorrection are the component part of the
Comprehensive program of rehabilitation - INDEPENDENCE, conducted in our center in patients with the narcotic and alcoholic dependence.

Record on consultation:
phone: +7 (499) 324-97-21 - from 900 till 1700

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