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Cleansing of blood


  • The unstable course of disease

  • Resistance to exogenous insulin of the type B

  • The high level of antibodies to the β-cells of the pancreas, anti-insuline antibodies, hyperlipidemia

  • An increase in the doses of the utilized preparations

  • Of the complication of the disease: diabetic nephropathy, angiopathy, neuropathy and retinopathy
  • The removal of antibodies to insulin or to the β-cells, to the utilized medicines, a decrease in level LDL

  • An increase in the sensitivity to the sugar-reducing preparations, a decrease in their dosage and level of glycemia

  • The decrease of the manifestation of angiopathy, neuropathy, nephropathy

  • The correction of the rheological parameters of the blood

  • A decrease in a pain in extremities

  • The preventive maintenance of further progression of vascular and neurologic complications
  • The high level of antibodies to Tg and to TPO

  • The clinical signs of hyperthyroidism, either of hypothyroidism

  • The high level thyroid-stimulating IgG, thyrotrophic hormone or T4

  • Intolerance or low sensitivity to the preparations of iodine and to propylthiouracil

  • Preoperation preparation
  • A significant decrease in the level of antibodies for TPO and Tg, the suppression of their synthesis subsequently

  • A decrease in the level thyroid-stimulating IgG, TTG and T4

  • An increase in the sensitivity to the antithyroid preparations or refusal of them

  • The decrease of the vegetative disorders and other manifestations of endocrinopathy

  • Reaching prolonged remission

  • The decrease of the early complications of the surgical treatment

Record on consultation:
phone: +7 (499) 324-97-21 - from 900 till 1700

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