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Information about our Center

Clinical Hospital Number 85
Clinical Hospital Number 85 M.D, prof., Dr. O.S. Tseka

Directing Physician of the Clinical Hospital 85
Distinguished doctor of the Russian Federations
M.D, prof., Dr. O.S. Tseka

The Center of extracorporal hemocorrection operates within the facilities of Clinical Hospital No. 85, which is located in a quiet corner of Moscow within a pleasant old park.
Clinical Hospital 85 is a medical institution which has a staff of experts trained in the newest medical technologies and the most modern medical equipment which, together, can provide the highest level of care available.
The diagnostic complex of the Clinical Hospital 85 is able to provide the following services in the shortest time possible:
If it is necessary to perform a fixed course of treatment in several branches of the hospital, we can accommodate that requirement. The hospital has very comfortable facilities with rooms that can accommodate two or three patients
Different medical divisions of CH 85 offer treatment in several areas:
Centre of Extracorporal hemocorrection
PhD, MD, the doctor with the highest level of training A.V. Potemkin
The Center extracorporal hemocorrection heads PhD, MD, the doctor with the highest level of training A.V. Potemkin

PhD, MD, S.V. Mamayev
Scientific and practical medical work is provided under direction of PhD, MD, S.V. Mamayev
The clinic's staff consists of highly trained doctors and nurses. All doctors on staff at the clinic have between 10 and 20 years of professional experience. All doctors also have certification in their field of expertise and take continuing courses for re-certification on a regular basis to maintain their skill levels and qualifications.
During the course of treatment, the patient is treated by the same doctor who is familiar with the patient's history of treatment and progress. Thus the patient always consults with the same doctor and can also communicate with that doctor by mobile phone.

Treatment of patients in Centre of Extracorporal hemocorrection The device for a plasmapheresis

Medical procedures are performed in facilities and laboratories utilizing the latest equipment available.

Record on consultation:
phone: +7 (499) 324-97-21 - from 900 till 1700

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